Glo Minerals Cream Blush Brush

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Glo Minerals Cream Blush Brush

$30.00 Sales Tax

Make blush application easy with the GloMinerals Cream Blush Brush! This brush gently glides across the skin for perfect color and a blended look.




  • Takes the guesswork out of blush application
  • Pairs perfectly with GloMinerals Cream Blush
  • Makes blush application quick and easy
  • Easily and smoothly blends cream blush for a smooth, even complexion
  • Covers blemishes and problem areas for a problem free skin surface
  • Synthetic bristles flex easily and gently apply makeup
  • Allows for precise application of foundation
  • Will not irritate even the most sensitive skin types
  • Ergonomic handle makes makeup application comfortable and easy
  • Cleans up easily and dries quickly
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