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Viviscal Professional Supplements, 60 Tablets

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Viviscal Professional Supplements promote healthy hair growth for men and women of all hair types.

60 Tablets

ALLERGY WARNING: Viviscal is not suitable for those with fish, seafood or shellfish allergies.


Viviscal Professional Supplements are a drug-free alternative to prescription treatments that help encourage healthy hair growth for men and women of all hair types. Formulated with the clinically proven marine complex, AminoMar, these twice-a-day tablets nourish thinning hair, strengthening locks from the inside out. Apple extract helps increase hair density, while biotin promotes existing hair growth. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals. Viviscal works in stages:

  • Stage 1: Hair follicles are nourished
  • Stage 2: Thin, wispy hair is strengthened
  • Stage 3: Breakage and thinning declines; existing growth is encouraged
  • Stage 4: Hair becomes stronger, healthier and more vibrant

Depending on hair growth cycle, you can experience visible results in as little as three months. Address thinning hair and temporary hair loss with Viviscal Professional Supplements.

Viviscal Professional Supplements contain even more of the proprietary marine complex AminoMar than any other formula, plus they include apple extract, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine, ingredients that are not found in any other Viviscal product. Professional Supplements are sold exclusively through physicians’ offices, clinics and physician-owned and operated websites such as Gentlestar, and they are backed by 20 years of clinical research.

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